Branded Store powered by Magento Commerce and Amazon

Your business is a perfect fit for Branded Stores when you are:

Selling on Amazon without an eCommerce store
Continue to use Amazon or warehouse and fulfill your online store's orders.
Selling on your own eCommerce store but are not selling on Amazon
Use Amazon as an additional sales channel. Selling on Amazon can increase your annual gross revenue by +50%
Using Amazon and an eCommerce store as selling channels
But, those two channels are not connected. Fully integrate your Branded Store with Amazon Marketplace so your inventory is always up-to-date.

Interested in building your own Branded Store, or any specific features?

Branded Stores Key Features:

Amazon Seller Central Integration

Complete Integration with Amazon Marketplace

Branded Stores are fully integrated with Amazon Marketplace. This means product specs and other details stored in Amazon Marketplace are automatically synced with your branded store, so your inventory is always up-to-date.

One Commerce Dashboard

The admin panel in your Branded Store lets you track all of your orders from Amazon Marketplace and your branded web store in one place. You also see Amazon Marketplace orders fulfilled by Amazon alongside web store orders you fulfill yourself.

Amazon Pay

Complete Integration with Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Pay gives your customers a simple and trusted way to pay for products and services using the information already stored in their Amazon account—all without ever leaving your site.

What can you do with Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay will increase your customer reach by leveraging the trust they place on Amazon. Fast and easy checkout process can help increase conversions & lower cart abandonments for buyer using their existing Amazon accounts.

Learn more about Amazon Pay

Amazon Fulfillment

Adding a new, branded web store gives you a new way to reach customers without adding a lot of operational hassle or cost. You benefit from:

Fast Time to Market

Branded Stores are designed to help you make a rapid transition from selling exclusively on Amazon. Because they're fully integrated with Amazon Marketplace, it's easier and less expensive to set up a Branded Store than to build a web store from scratch and then integrate it with Amazon.

Alexa Voice Integrations

Empower your web store with Alexa Voice for shipment and delivery notifications. Custom functionality is also available for product subscriptions, repeat orders, and much more.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hosting

Amazon Web Services

Your Magento Commerce store is built on AWS, so you can rest assured that your environment is highly secure and set to scale, no matter how many new visitors come to your web store or how much they buy.